Saturday, June 15, 2013

Being naughty (and difficult) at Australia Post!

I did something very naughty in the post office on Friday.....

Ever been into an Australian Post shop lately? Well, on Friday I had the courage to do something that I have been scared to do for ages: Let me explain...

There I stood in the 10 person-long queue, watching each person, one-by-on be asked to the counter. Let's look at those nine people in front of me as to what services they requested at the counter:

1. Passport photo
2. Pay a drivers licence account
3. Buy a travel card
4. Buy some story books for kids
5. Apply for a passport
6. Pay several accounts including power and water
7. Buy stationery (paper clips, pens etc)
8. Pay a speeding fine.
9. Buy a digital reading book similar to Kindle....

..and then at number 10, there was me. And this gets to my reason for being there and what I wanted to do that was very 'naughty'.

At the outset I actually apologised to the lady for what I was about to ask, realising that she would be freaked out by my request. But still, I thought to myself that I do have my rights so here goes. I asked the question:

"Can I buy a stamp?".

Yep, that's it. You know; those little sticky backed things that you put on the top right-hand corner of an envelope when you want to actually post a letter.

"And nothing else?". Nope. "Just one bleeding stamp"

I felt so sorry for the lady at such a silly request, but oh well. This is 2013 I guess.

Strange man. I should have just gone to a post office, perhaps?

Ross B. Taylor

June 2013

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