Saturday, September 8, 2012

Rhonda and Ketut..the real facts!

Ketut and Rhonda...Here is the REAL story......

Being privy to all the 'inside' goings on in Bali for many years, I have, until now, kept quite about the circulating rumors and gossip surrounding Ketut and Rhonda.

Quite frankly, its been getting out of hand, so I may as well make it official:

Ketut and Rhonda have been engaged in a torrid affair for over six months. And yes, Ketut really does think Rhonda looks 'hot'.

I decided to come out and confirm this following my recent visit to Bali ten days ago, where almost every hawker on Kuta and Legian Beach asked me what was happening? Now that wasn't too bad, but the real concern developed when I was in Jakarta on the way home, and whilst meeting a Indonesian colleague who works for the President of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY), he asked me to one side and 'popped' the same question.

To my surprise, when I told him the truth, my friend was relaxed saying he really liked Ketut and that he even thought Rhonda was indeed 'very hot'.

So now even Jakarta has conceded that Rhonda and Ketut are an 'item' and that they could become joint ambassador's for our two countries.

Perhaps we could get the two of them to sit on the beach together and work out what to do with issues such as too many cows in Australia who are looking for a trip to Indonesia? Or what to do about thousands of 'visitors' who are waiting patiently in remote villages in Eastern Indonesia, looking for a trip to Australia; or should I say Christmas Island?

Either way, the good news for those wanting the real facts about the World's hottest couple, I can officially say that both Rhonda and Ketut are in love; and Rhonda is now using a 30+ sunscreen on her face. I can confirm that.

The other good news is that with the proliferation of,  'Rhona loves Ketut' teeshirts all over Bali, we actually may see an end to those horrible 'Bintang' singlets that some Aussies blokes still ware in the belief that it makes them look cool!
Anyway Ketut and Rhonda is one really great love story in the making, and that must be good for bi-lateral relations between Indonesia and Australia.

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