Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sexist comments should have no place in our society; not even from a prime minister

 Some of the comments made against the PM last week were downright disgusting.
My colleague Howard Sattler - who always treats me with great courteousy when being interviewed - stuffed-it up with his remarks about Tim. Not good Howard.

But let me say this to our PM: As an Aussie bloke, let me state that I wear a white shirt to work and I even wear a blue tie. But there is something else I need you to know PM. Some of my best team members at work and my charities including my current company secretary, our current brand manager and several CEO's of our amazing cancer charities around WA are younger women. You know why? Because I happen to think it's because they are bloody brilliant at their respective jobs.

In many respects I actually prefer to work professionally with women. I respect and admire their abilities as professional people. And also Ms Gillard, I admire my wife, her cousins and her sister enormously as simply good and decent people.

So I take serious offense about YOU categorising blokes like me (if you don't mind me saying so, PM) as part of the "white shirt-blue tie" sexist male brigade. That is presumptuous and unfair.

I do know men who fit your steriotype, PM. But I also know many, many men who I am proud to say share my respect and admiration for women.

Steriotyping people and using sexist language to score cheap political points should be treated with the contempt it deserves..
...even if its from the mouth of our prime minister.
Ross B Taylor AM
June 2013

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