Monday, May 20, 2013

Sports betting has no place on our TV's..or in our kids heads!

It was good to see ABC's 4Corners program ripping into Tom Waterhouse and all the gambing gurus' over sports betting on TV.

How on earth Channel 9 could have Tom Waterhouse on their footy show, with thousands of kids watching, spruiking about 'all the odds' and the 'best bets' was a disgrace.

And good old Tom finishes off this 'advertisement' - and that is what it was - with the most empy words I have ever heard in sport...."And remember to always bet responsibly." He should have added..."and particularly if you are only 13 years old."

Give me a break. Get these people off our TV screens during afternoons and early evenings, and away from our kids. Next thing we know Tom and his mates will be back using pretty teenage girls to hand-out free cigarettes at music concerts for kids, just like they still do in Indonesia today.

Betting and gambling, in the saturation method like we are now seeing on our TV's at present, should have no place in sport; and no place in the heads of our kids!

Ross Taylor
May 2013

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