Monday, May 20, 2013

Breast-feeding mums' are not always in the right.....

 I wrote about this 'silly' subject sometime ago. If mums' want to breast feed their babies in public, just let them do it. I don't care; and nor should anyone else. End of story....Well, not quite.

This should be a story where mums' are 100% in the right; unless they start seeking publicity and being silly about this issue, like the mum on TV tonight.
This mum was having her hair cut at a hair dressing shop and wanted to breast feed her baby. Fine. But the hairdresser does have the right to stop the hair-cutting for obvious reasons. No problem there you would think?.

So mum takes 15 minutes to feed her baby, so by this time the next client has arrived (on time) for her appointment, so the senior hairdresser attends to the new client leaving a junior to complete our mum's hair.

Our mum is outraged, saying this is discrimination againist mothers with babies. What rubbish.

If a mum wants to feed her baby on a bus for example, I say, "Go right ahead. It's your right." But if that Mum tells the driver to stop the bus for 15 minutes as the baby doesn't like the noise whilst feeding, I say, "Well, sorry mum. Get off the bus and catch the next one, or feed your bub when you get to the destination, or just put up with the bus noise."

Likewise, if the mum in the hairdresser wants to feed her baby, she should be allowed to. But that should not mean every other client has to be totally inconvenienced with everything being dealyed due to the feeding process. Tough.

And furthermore, don't go running to TV stations with recordings of your conversations in order to attack the hairdresser and her shop.

This time, the breast feeding mum is in the wrong!
Ross Taylor
May 2013


  1. Here here Ross Taylor. I have spoken to 7 people today about this program and 6 of US all had the same opinion. The media went in all guns ablazing but for those of who can read between the lines here are a few questions:

    1. You are a grown woman, why is your Mother and sister intervening and harassing the salon?

    2. Why were the hairdressers accused by the program as opposed to questioned?

    3. Was the recorded msg recorded from ANOTHER harrassing phone made from the so called victims / family OR from a msg left on msg bank.
    Either way the msg shows a very strssed business owner who is clearly being bullied by a group of individuals.

    4. I wonder if this woman is a member of another loud squeeling minority group such as "breastfeeding womens association" who Knows

    Either way this woman and her family were simply out of line & disrepectful, not for actually Breastfeeding but for making such a drama queen song and dance over nothing. Hopefully the program did nothing but promote the hairdressing salon to gain more customers.

    And PS for the unapologetic breastfeeders of Australia, how about you show a little respect for the few people, possibly older generation men who may, simply, out of respect still be a little uncomfortable with your choice to breastfeed in Public. Remember respect goes b oth ways.
    Im not expecting any intellectual thinking person to agree with my comments, but I have been in childcare for 18 years, and clearly have no problem with breastfeeding in public. I do however believe that many of these women show very little respect for the feelings of certain others who may be somewhat uncom fortable. (reiterating that I do not believe anyone in the salon was actually uncomfortable )

  2. I was going to agree with the poster above, ur right she was in the wrong completely. But as far as havin to cover up a quarter of skin surrounding my breast because it makes another individual uncomfortable, sorry thats just ridiculous. I find that if another individual finds breastfeeding uncomfortable they need to have a look at the reasons: is it because they breast can be considered a sexual thing, that is not the mothers fault nor is it the child's who needs that nutrients and to be fed. They shouldn't be shunned away into their car ( which is bloody awkward to feed in let me tell u), the cold outside if ur at a restaurant and there's no feeding room (other alternative is the toilet) or a feeding room at a shopping centre which sounds great but its not always a lovely place, there usually about 3 kids at least getting there dirty nappies changed so it stinks and if there's someone else feeding u have no where to sit, perhaps we should stay at home? I can assure u I have respect for others and I'm very mindful of how and where I feed but I really don't think I should have to be, this is how my children were intended to eat for the health and well being and that is how I intend to feed them. A newborn can eat every hour at times and sometimes go a good 3 hours with nothing, its very difficult to tell when u might need to feed and consider where and how u may need to do so. Sorry, it's just upsetting that new mums should feel as if they're doing something wrong or can't participate In society because it may be too hard to hide away while breastfeeding out of respect for people that are offended by breastfeeding for the most ridiculous reasons !


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