Saturday, February 17, 2018


By Ross B. Taylor AM

Back in the 70's Australians travelling abroad were generally adored as being free-spirited. easy-going larrikins, hard working and often funny people. Whether it be in Singapore - where we were always placed at the end of the queue for wearing long hair - in Europe or at one of London's great pubs, Aussies were simply pretty cool people. Today, whether it be in Bali or on a cruise ship, all too often we see just how ugly we have become, and it's not a good look. A friend of mine is currently skiing in Japan and was subjected to drunken behaviour by fellow Aussies; and this is Japan!! It reminded me of two years ago when I approached four young Aussies dressed only in board shorts, who were sitting on the steps of the Temple at Uluwatu in Bali drinking Bintang beer, and asking them not to do this at such a sacred site. "Why don't you just fu..k off you wanker", I was told. Made me so proud of my fellow-Australians. Fortunately, the majority of Aussies are good travellers and respect their host country whilst still having a great time. But the few who act badly, really do project a very poor and unfair image of us all; and sadly that is the image that most people remember.

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