Friday, July 5, 2013

Labor is back...OMG! What is happening to me?

 Like many Australians, I have spent the last two years sitting in front of the TV mocking and abusing Gillard and Swan for their total incompetency. I have never felt so angry about politics in Australia.

Then Rudd takes over and I think, "What a joke".....BUT.........

Suddenly, the polls show Labor are 'back in the race' and that has to be good for our democracy. Then Rudd's visit to Indonesia goes pretty well - although really, they didn't achieve anything substancial at all despite the nice words from President Yudhoyono!

Then I listen to the new immigration minister Tony Burke speak about the asylum seeker issue: Considered and honest (Wow! There is a word I haven't used on a pollie for some time!).
Then I listen to Chris Bowen who, compared to his predecessor Wayne Swan, sounds really good and acts like a sensible treasurer (Not hard to do though compared to Swan), and then Tania Plibersek as Health Minister who has always been considered and gracious.

And then I realise that one of Australia's worst agriculture ministers of all time, Joe Ludwig (who only got the job thanks to his union boss father), has gone and Joel Fitzgibbon has taken over, thus providng what remains of this industry with a sensible, smart and considered minister.

So now, when Labor ministers are talking on TV I am finding myself actually liking what I see and hear. And now, for the first time, I am critically asking questions about the coalition's policy, and about Tony Abbott.

What is happening to me? This is all too much.

Maybe I need to go to bed as it must be the flu that I am living with at the moment, and maybe when I wake up Julia will be back.... 

 ...It was so much easier then.
Ross B. Taylor
July 2013

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