Sunday, July 21, 2013

Bali does have a 'dark side' but look at the facts.....

Bali does have a 'dark side' as reported on the Nine Network's story tonight (Sunday 21st July 2013), but it is important to look at the facts:

DFAT records of Australian deaths overseas in the past year:

1 Thailand 111
2 Philippines 68
3 Greece 60 4 Vietnam 54
5 US 51
6 Indonesia 48 (Bali: Approximately 40)
7 Germany 41
8 Hong Kong 40
9 China 38
10 UK 28

So yes, Bali does have a dark side, and as more and more Australians flock to our 'Island Paradise' and more and more niave Aussies holiday there - sometimes even without travel insurance - and drink in excess, ride motor bikes whilst dressed in tee shirts, 'boardies' and thongs, and 'splash' money around in what is still a third world country with many poor people, things will occasionally go wrong.

Bali is suffering from poor infrastructure, pollution, corruption and simply too many tourists (rather than 'travellers') who treat this island as if it is their own backyard. It's not.

But despite all this, over 99% of Australians come home safely having had a really good holiday...even though we don't always deserve to do so!
Ross B. Taylor
July 2013

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