Saturday, August 11, 2012

Marshmallow kids not so nice off the footy field

My young nephew is in trouble for what he apparently didn't do on the footy field. It seems Tom (not his real name) is the most 'perfect' player in the team. But Tom got in the way of a heavy bump from an opposition player in last week's match resulting in a broken arm.

Not nice, but that's footy.

Mum was devastated. Her son was not deserving of this. His 'entitlement' is to win at all times, and never to end-up being hurt and sidelined. So whose fault is it. Someone must take responsibility; apart from her Tom of course....

Enter my nephew, who apparently should have been 'sheperding' Tom so that he wouldn't be bumped like that. Yep, now we know whose fault it is so let's all 'attack' and blame my nephew.
Its a big issue in this elite Western Suburbs area.

Geez. What's happening to our kids. Athletes bawling their eyes out because they can't accept just getting Silver at the Olympics; teachers being blamed because 'Emma' got only 95% for her exam and parents being fined because they leave the kids in car for five minutes whilst racing inside to pay the service station cashier after filling-up the car.......

No wonder they are called the 'Marshmallow' generation.
We have created them like this; kids who can't accept responsibility for what happens to them. Can't accept that in life, sometimes 'shit does happen' and sometimes life just isn't always perfect. Kids - and parents - who cannot accept failure and also acknowledge that from failure we can actually learn and rebuild and progress as well developed people.

We need to let our kids grow-up a bit.
And just maybe we could start this process by - dare I suggest it - letting them actually walk the 550 meters to school on Monday?

There. I have said it.
Hold your breath and just do it!

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