Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Hypocracy of The Heart Foundation

It made me sick.

On the front page of today's "The West Australian" Newspaper was a graphic picture of what happens when we become overweight. With 60% of all Australians overweight this is an important campaign and message.

But here we have the CEO of The Heart Foundation, Maurice Swanson, lecturing us about not being fat, yet his OWN foundation put their hand out and take hundreds of thousands of dollars from large junk food manufactures in order to get the Heart Foundation's 'Tick' of approval on their products.

Tell me how can the giant Nestle Company with their junk food, "Milo Cereal" get the 'Tick' of approval, when it contains 27% pure sugar?

And poor unsuspecting mum's are feeding this crap to their kids for breakfast.

Give me a break Maurice. Before you start moralising and lecturing us about the need to eat a healthy and well balanced diet (and we all should), why don't you have a good hard, and ethical, look at yourself and your charity?

How do these hypocrites sleep at night when they are knowingly killing us and harming our kids, whilst lecturing about the need to maintain a healthy diet; and all under the status of an ethical and decent charity?

Its a bloody disgrace.

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